December 23, 2021

This week in Shopify news

It has been such an amazing year in the Shopify ecosystem, from all the announcements made earlier in the year to surviving BFCM and the holiday season. We hope you are getting some much deserved rest and spending time with your family. But if you can’t escape Slack or email, then here is a short round up of the most recent Shopify related news.  

Microsoft’s Bing and Shopify Integration is LIVE 

Back in October, Microsoft announced they would partner with Shopify to bring shoppable features directly to their Bing Shopping and Bing Search results, well it’s now officially live as of Tuesday. “You can click the “Buy Now” link directly in the Bing search results and be taken directly to the shopping cart page on that Shopify website.” - This is an added channel business owners can advertise on and directly link Microsoft Ads with their Shopify site. Check out the rest of the announcement and how it works here

Sell NFTs on Shopify

NFT’s are going nowhere and Shopify proved this by allowing users to Mint and sell NFTs on Shopify, with Shopify Payments through its beta program, only available for merchants based in the U.S. “​​The beta program is open to brands, artists, and creators with an established social media presence. To participate, you must be a US-based merchant on Shopify Plus” - NFT sales are thriving as sales for Q3 have already hit 10.7 billion (with a B) dollars, according to Shopify. Learn more or apply for the beta program. 

Shopify Year in Review 2021 Video

Full of inspiration in the midst of another “unprecedented” year, Shopify released their year in review video, featuring merchants highlighted throughout the year from across the world. Harley talks about how through all the changes, Shopify remains committed to supporting merchants in any way they can. Check it out on Twitter.

Building a Shopify Theme? 

Shopify’s Developer Community Manager Liam, joins YouTuber “Coding with Jan” - to talk about how to develop a theme and sell it on the Shopify Theme Store. It’s the first video in the series. Check it out on YouTube.

App and Theme Revenue Shares Are Resetting December 31st 

As announced during Unite, Shopify will not be taking any revenue share on the first million of revenue in US dollars earned in 2022 for partners. Read the Slack announcement here.  

Instacart CEO Fidji Simo Joins Shopify’s Board of Directors

Shopify has a new member for their board of directors. With the addition of Fidji, this brings the total of 7 board members. Read Shopify’s press release on the announcement

From Live Shopping to Ethical Shopping - Overhyped Trends in Ecommerce

According to Retail Brew, these trends are overhyped for the year. Trends that quite haven't caught on, and trends that may be hard to implement for the moment. For example, livestream shopping was touted as being huge for 2021 - “livestream shopping, expected to be an $11 billion industry in the US by the end of 2021, hasn’t yet taken off here like it has in China. There are doubts it actually will.” Read the overhyped trends here

Under the Radar - Retail Trends that Proved to be Big 

Brick and mortar are stronger than they were in 2020 and prove that consumers want a meaningful shopping experience and sometimes just want to see your product IRL (in real life). 

Read about it at Retail Brew

That is our weekly round-up of top news, announcements and anything you may have missed this week. Think we missed something? Share with us any news we may have missed in the #general channel on Slack. Connect with professionals in the Shopify ecosystem in Partner League to learn and collaborate. 

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