October 15, 2021

Sponsorship Announcement: The Support Heroes partners with Partner League

Partner League is glad to announce our sponsors, The Support Heroes, a company that is dedicated to offering affordable customer support for Shopify Apps.

With the aim to help Shopify app developers free up their time to improve their app’s feature set and functioning, The Support Heroes has been helping them tackle delivering a good customer support, service and experience.

Matching our ethos for the ecosystem, we’re glad to welcome them onboard as our sponsors as well as partners.

About The Support Heroes and what they do

Most Shopify app developers are either solopreneurs or functioning with a small team. This often leads to them not being able to manage the customer support requests that come in after merchants install their apps on the store.

But the level of expertise required to tackle these questions and requests, needed someone to have an end to end understanding of the solution and the platform both.

The Support Heroes is a team of Shopify experts that focus on understanding the capabilities of a Shopify app with access to their helpdesk system. This helps them learn from your previous conversations, get familiar with your customers and the tone of voice you want to stick to when speaking to them.

The Shopify partner assigns support agents to you, who you can start training around your app and processes, and then hand over the complete support and service to them for all your users.

Partner League x The Support Heroes: What to look forward to in this partnership

With a common goal to enable the Shopify ecosystem to grow together, Partner League and The Support Heroes will strive to work towards valuable ideas and provide innovative solutions to growing app partners.

The idea is to be able to let them focus on building features that make their apps more valuable for online store owners and marketers; and tackle any support requests that come in during the period from the point of app install to as long as the relationship exists.

"The Support Heroes offer addresses a real need for a large segment of Shopify app developers. We’re excited to have them join our community as sponsors, it’s a great fit." - Jonathan Kennedy, Founder

Here’s giving our sponsors a warm welcome to Partner League again, and looking forward to exciting times ahead!