November 11, 2021

Sponsorship Announcement: Proof Factor partners with Partner League

Partner League is glad to announce another one of our sponsors, Proof Factor, an app that helps Shopify stores increase the social proof on their website. With the aim of enabling online stores and partner websites to display their credibility and let their customers do the talking, Proof Factor has built out an array of features to get you up and running in no time.

Matching our ethos for the ecosystem, by keeping customer reviews and testimonials at the core, we’re glad to welcome them onboard as our sponsors as well partners.

About Proof Factor

More than 80% of us trust recommendations and reviews coming from friends, family and those similar to us, before making a purchase or interacting with a business. Online businesses, irrespective of their nature, are no different.

Be it an online store or someone selling design and development services, or consultation and courses on Shopify, social proof plays an important role in turning visitors into subscribers, customers or simply the first interaction.

Proof Factor has built a suite of features to display live visitor count, recent activity on the site (visits, wish lists, purchases), exit intent popups with interactive games and much more to engage and hook visitors.

In fact, they even offer sales optimization and A/B testing consultation so that you can put your social proof to work!

Partner League x Proof Factor: What to look forward to in this partnership

With a common goal to enable the Shopify ecosystem to grow together, Partner League and Proof Factor want to help online businesses build their social proof.

Shopify has always paid close attention and prioritized customer reviews, ratings and testimonials to promote honesty and good work ethics in the ecosystem. Proof Factor is taking strides towards enabling partners to do exactly that!

The goal of having them as sponsors and partners is to educate our members about the importance of social proof and how they can implement it to drive conversions for their business.

Here’s giving our sponsors a warm welcome to Partner League again, and looking forward to exciting times ahead!