October 19, 2021

Sponsorship Announcement: Bean Ninjas partners with Partner League

Partner League is glad to announce another one of our sponsors, Bean Ninjas, a Xero Platinum Partner with a team that is known for bookkeeping expertise for small to medium businesses.

In times when resource management is crucial for online businesses to grow, Bean Ninjas aims at taking charge of the number crunching and helping business owners out with smart, online bookkeeping. The goal is to let business owners focus on growing their business, while keeping their accounts well-managed.

We are firm believers that the financial affairs of a business are important to look into from day one of setting it up. And so, we’re glad to welcome Bean Ninjas onboard as our sponsors as well as partners.

About Bean Ninjas

The activity of keeping records of the financial affairs of a business can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re just starting to grow and are in charge of a number of other aspects of your business in the market.

Right from recording and organizing all the business transactions that have occurred in the course of the business to predicting expenses, and managing resources to avoid burnouts, bookkeeping is an integral part of accounting and focuses on day-to-day financial transactions.

Bean Ninjas are eCommerce Growth Accountants. They have become a go-to-accounting firm for eCommerce businesses looking to scale. Their goal is to enable online business owners to have complete control over why, where and how they spend their resources.

Their accounting experts ensure your books, financial reporting, payroll, and sales tax collection (if applicable) are always accurate and up-to-date; so that you can fall back on documentation while planning your business growth.

Partner League x Bean Ninjas: What to look forward to in this partnership

With a common goal to enable the Shopify ecosystem to grow together, Partner League and Bean Ninjas want to make online businesses more financially aware.

Over the past couple of years, while Shopify has made it easier for individuals and businesses to get online, not everyone succeeds. One of the core reasons being the lack of financial management and accounting expertise that often led them to mismanaged allocation of resources.

Our goal with this partnership is to help Shopify partners get more educated about their financial affairs, and get better at their management.

Here’s giving our sponsors a warm welcome to Partner League again, and looking forward to exciting times ahead!

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