November 11, 2021

Shopify App Partner Directories to List Your Agency Services on

When you’re offering design, development, marketing and similar services to businesses that run on Shopify, a great way to reach more potential clients is by establishing relationships and partnerships with other Shopify partners, especially tech partners. Whether you’re an individual or a Shopify agency, being present and visible is the trick to get the word out about your services.

To help you get noticed, we found a few app partner directories that you should list your individual or agency services on.

List of Shopify app partner directories

There are a number of Shopify app partner directories that you can list your agency services on. So depending on the expanse and the reach of the partners, we shortlisted a few for you.

1. PageFly Partners

PageFly is one of the best Shopify page builder apps that enables online stores to set up custom pages like sales, about and more using templates. Getting listed as their partner is a great way to offer further design and customization services on the pages merchants build using their app.

Visit the PageFly Partners Directory.

2. Partner Directory

A Shopify app partner that lets online stores set up loyalty programs, has a dedicated directory for its agency partners. Merchants seeking further customizations or custom designs for their loyalty programs too can reach out to you from here.

Visit the Partner Directory.

3. Carro Partner Directory

Carro has one of the largest commerce networks where you can collaborate with other brands and influencers to market your products. Their partner page lists individual Shopify experts and agencies that can help stores with web optimizations, paid ads, influencer marketing or website design.

Visit the Carro Partner Directory.

4. Okendo Partner Directory

Okendo is a Shopify reviews app that enables online stores to showcase customer reviews and testimonials on the storefront. Their partner directory includes experts from across the world that enable brands to customize their storefront design, campaigns and more.

Visit the Okendo Partner Directory.

5. ShipStation Partner Marketplace

ShipStation is one of the leading shipping partners in the Shopify ecosystem that make order management and delivery easy for businesses of all sizes. Their partner marketplace lists agencies that can help set up branded storefronts for their users.

Visit the ShipStation Partner Marketplace.

6. Accentuate Experts

Accentuate Custom Fields is the leading eCommerce solution that helps you extend your Shopify store with your own fields such multi-language text fields, checkboxes, dates, selection lists, custom objects and much more. Their experts listing is a great way to showcase your services to help merchants customize their fields, storefronts and similar.

Visit the Accentuate Experts Directory.

7. Sendinblue Agency Partners

Sendinblue is a powerful marketing tool for Shopify businesses that offers email marketing, SMS, CRM and other features. Their agency partner listing includes Shopify experts from all domains; any who can help their users customize their storefronts or even strategise and set up campaigns.

Visit the Sendinblue Agency Partners Directory.

8. Omnisend Agency Partners

Omnisend is another of the best Shopify apps for running email and SMS marketing campaigns with smart automations, enabling omni channel growth strategies. Their partner listing includes digital and eCommerce experts who can help merchants put their app to use for driving more sales.

Visit the Omnisend Agency Partners Directory.

9. LoyaltyLion Partner Portal

LoyaltyLion is one of the customer loyalty Shopify apps that enables online stores to set up custom loyalty programs to boost retention and drive repeat sales. Their partner portal lists Shopify experts and agencies that offer store setup, design, marketing and similar services.

Visit the LoyaltyLion Partner Portal.

10. ShipBob Partner Program

ShipBob offers a fulfillment software solution to Shopify stores that helps them manage orders and order fulfillment in an end-to-end manner. Their partner listing includes experts and agencies that can help stores increase traffic and sales.

Visit the ShipBob Partner Program.

11. Pixel Union Partners

Pixel Union is a popular Shopify partner that builds premium Shopify themes and apps for online businesses. Their partners include those who can help merchants install and customize their themes on their storefronts, and also enable them to grow with marketing.

Visit the Pixel Union Partners Directory.

12. Privy Partner Program

Privy is a leading eCommerce solution that lets businesses of all sizes run powerful, automated email marketing campaigns. It comes with a host of features like popups, bars and more. Their partner program lists experts who help merchants with marketing services.

Visit the Privy Partner Program.

13. PushOwl Partners

PushOwl is one of the best Shopify apps for sending automated and personalised web push notifications for promotions, cart recovery and more. Their partner directory includes experts and agencies offering design, development, custom app development and other services to merchants.  

Visit the PushOwl Partners Directory.

14. Recharge Partner Directory

Recharge is a Shopify app that enables stores to set up a subscription model on their storefront to boost repeat sales and increase customer lifetime value. Their partner directory includes Shopify experts and agencies offering design, development, migration, marketing and other services including their app customization.

Visit the Recharge Partner Directory.

15. Flits Partner Directory

Flits is a one-of-a-kind app partner that enables online stores to set up Amazon-like Shopify customer account pages on their storefront. The app comes with the ability to offer social login, implement wishlists and store credits and more. Their partner directory includes design, development, marketing and similar services experts.

Visit the Flits Partner Directory.

Why should you list your services on Shopify app partner directories?

We’ll give you a couple of reasons why you should list your agency services on app partner directories:

1. You get more visibility

When an individual or a business starts their online store on Shopify, they look for apps to help them enhance storefront features, enable their marketing and sales, and more.

These merchants tend to learn the most about the apps and how to put them to use through the articles, how-to guides, tutorials and case studies they publish on their websites.

When you list your individual or Shopify agency services on their directories, you get a place on that very website!

This makes you more visible and more likely to be contacted by the merchant using the app partner’s solution.

2. You get more social proof

Another reason why Shopify app partner directories are important to list yourself on, is because they act as social proof. The merchants using the app trust the partners already and when you are listed in their directory, it’s similar to getting a vote of confidence from them.

This makes the merchant trust you as well.

3. You establish meaningful relationships

You get to know app partners better and open a new channel of communication with them. By staying at the top of their mind, you stand a higher chance of them referring clients to you.

After all, they do receive a number of support requests and queries that you might be better at handling.

Similarly, a store that you’re working on may require a certain functionality that the app partner can help you set up; saving lots of your time!  

4. You get a quality backlink for SEO

Search engine optimization is of utmost importance if you want to grow your digital presence. Listing yourself in a directory gets you a quality backlink as well, winning you brownie points from the search engines.

Should you list your agency services on app directories?

Honestly, we see no harm. In fact, if done in a strategic manner, we see a lot of benefits that come with listing your services on app partner directories.

But we do recommend knowing what type of clients you can serve and letting the app partner know before listing yourself.

Even if you can serve everyone, try to be as specific as possible. This helps app partners also understand your niche and refer clients accordingly.

What other Shopify app partner directories have you stumbled upon and listed your services on?

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